hello! it’s paella time

Today I decided to start blogging again but this time, instead of blogging about my travels, I’ll be blogging about food.  Returning to Moose Jaw after spending the holidays back  in Vancouver, I can’t help but miss the abundance of awesome food that’s in my hometown.  So last night, Rock and I decided that we should start exploring the restaurants of Moose Jaw instead of just admitting defeat and whinging that there’s nothing good to eat around here.  Also, since I know a lot of the things that I want to eat can’t be found in Moose Jaw, I want to start cooking more dishes myself instead of just wishing I could eat them.

There’s looooooads of Vancouver food blogs but I couldn’t seem to find any Moose Jaw ones.   And so here we are.  I will blog about recipes I’m trying out and restaurants we’re checking out.  And of course, there’ll be pictures of food.  I’m Asian so it’s practically expected of me to whip out my iphone and take pictures of my food before I even take a bite (seriously, there’s even a tumblr of pictures of asians taking pictures of food).

Tonight, I made paella.  We had both never even eaten paella before but I wanted to eat chorizo and also have some veggies in the mix since we severely over-ate during the holidays and this seemed like it’d be yummy.

Chorizo and chicken paella

Serves 3-4

3 cloves garlic  /  1 onion  /  1 carrot  /  1/3 bunch of Italian parsley  /  1 link of hot chorizo  /  2-3 chicken thighs  /  olive oil  /  2 tsp smoked paprika  /  1 red pepper  /  1 tbsp tomato paste  /  1 chicken bouillon cube  /  10 oz calrose rice (recipes call for paella/valencia rice, but no surprise, can’t find it in mj. after frantically reading the labels of pretty much every type of rice there is in superstore, I landed on this as a good substitute.  also, if you don’t have a kitchen scale, 10 oz of rice works out to be just under 1 cup)  /  1/2 cup frozen peas  /  1/2 lemon


First, mince the garlic and the stems from the parsley and dice up the onion, carrot, and red pepper.  De-skin and de-bone the chicken thighs and chop up into roughly 1/2 inch chunks.  For the chorizo, simply slice it up.  Add all these ingredients minus the red pepper, the smoked paprika, and a good splash of olive oil into a paella pan or a wok and stir-fry over medium to medium-high heat for about 5 minutes.  Next, add the red pepper and  cook everything together for another 5 minutes or so.  Boil 3 cups of water in a kettle and while it’s boiling, add in the tomato paste, bouillon cube, and then the rice.  Season with salt and pepper and then add the boiling water.  Put on a lid until a boil is reached and then reduce heat to a simmer.  Keep stirring for about 15 minutes or until the rice is cooked and then stir in the peas.  According to my research (i.e. googling for a few minutes), a good paella needs a crust on the bottom so let it sit over the heat for about 5 minutes without stirring.  Take off the heat and snip the parsley leaves over and squeeze in the lemon.


Rock thought the dish was surprising (whatever that’s supposed to mean) and ‘full of flavours.’  I think it was as yummy as it looks.


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