review: java express

Right off the bat, I have to say that both Rock and I are not particularly critical about food and tend to like whatever we’re eating.  I’m not going to say that our standards are low (except for my extreme love of fast food) but maybe we’re both just not particularly picky.  So we realized the other night that we’re probably not going to be so good at ‘reviewing’ restaurants after all but oh well, it’s all just for fun anyway!

I just had a yummy lunch with my awesome friend Kelly at Java Express, which, now that I just googled it, turns out to be a small franchise from BC.  It’s got comfy couches, exposed brick walls, what seems like a rotation of local artwork for sale, and just an overall chill feel to it.  A good place to catch up with a friend or fit in some solo time with a book.  I don’t drink coffee but they’ve got a pretty good selection of coffee and tea beverages which you can get along with bagels, pita pizzas, panini, wraps and salads.


Kelly had a giant mug of some fancy coffee creation with caramel drizzled all over it and a BLT bagel.  I had a Turino panini at her suggestion which had chicken, bacon, pesto mayo, tomato and greens in it.  I wasn’t particularly hungry but the panini was really good and I ended up scarfing the whole thing.  You just can’t go wrong with bacon and pesto mayo.  If you’re looking for something not fancy but tasty that you can enjoy over some chit chat while sitting on a couch, then this place is totally it.


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