review: 2 for 1 family pizza

I skipped lunch today but then by around 3:30 I was starving and for some reason I really, really, really wanted to eat Hawaiian pizza.  Lunch/dinner time!  We had driven by 2 for 1 Family Pizza on the way into town and it advertised pizza by the slice so we decided to stop in on our way back home.  They just had some sausage pizza slices which is not what I wanted (just can’t fight my cravings) so we ended up getting 2 small (8 inch) pizzas cus, well, 2 for 1.  I’m not sure if it really is so much ‘2 for 1’ as for our 2 small pizzas, it was just under $18, but still not expensive.  It also just took about 10 minutes to get our pizzas so we just sat around and waited.  The pizzas were really good!  I got my ham and pineapple and it was loaded up with toppings.  Sometimes small pizzas royally suck because they’re mostly crust but I was pretty happy with these.  Rock had a ham and mushroom and though there weren’t as many mushrooms on there as he would have liked, he still really liked the pizza.

2 For 1 Family Pizza on Urbanspoon


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