best breakfast sandwich

Today I got to start work at a later time, which means I didn’t have to get up at 6 am, which means I got to eat a nice breakfast!  This is my absolute favourite breakfast sandwich to make and eat.  (That’s a semi-lie, my real favourite is a McDonald’s sausage mcmuffin, forreals, but I can’t make that at home.)  It’s  super quick to whip up and really yummy.  I’m telling you, the sundried tomato sauce is a total game-changer.

Makes 1

1 sourdough english muffin  /  1 egg, preferably free-run  /  1-2 slice(s) of honey ham (or whatever other deli meat you like)  /  1 slice of havarti cheese  /  ~ 1/2 tsp Hellmann’s mayonnaise  /  ~ 1  tsp tomato/sun-dried tomato pesto


Toast your english muffin and in the meantime fry up your egg over easy on medium to medium-high heat.  After you flip your egg, slap the slice of cheese on it to let it melt.  Just when the egg is almost done cooking, lay down the ham In the pan just to give it a bit of a grill.  Mix the pesto with the mayo and spread it onto one side of your toasted english muffin. Sandwich the ham, egg and cheese in between and dig in!

This sandwich doesn’t particularly photograph well but it’s really delicious!

breakfast sandwich




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