chinese new year: coconut tapioca dessert soup

Usually when you have an authentic Chinese meal, dessert takes on some form of a soup.  This recipe is from my Auntie Flora who is just the best.  Upon giving me this recipe, she had reassured me that if I’m ever cooking Chinese food for white people and I f*** it up, at least they won’t know it.

By the way, for any Asian groceries that the ‘ethnic’ aisle at the Superstore here in Moose Jaw just can’t provide (which is a lot, though it is getting better), Ngoy Hoa in Regina is like grocery heaven.  It’s no T&T, but it’s as good as it’s gonna get in these parts and I’m so happy with my discovery of this place.  You can find tapioca pearls there.

This makes a pretty huge pot of soup (I think like 4 quarts) so feel free to halve the recipe.

~ 250 grams of small tapioca pearls  (or as my aunt said, half a bag) /  1 can coconut milk  /  1 can 2% evaporated milk  /  ~ 1 cup sugar (or as my aunt put it, however much you want, just depends on how sweet you want it)


Soak the tapioca for about half an hour in cold water then drain.  During the soaking, the pearls will somewhat fluff up and expand a little bit. Bring about 8 cups of water (my aunt never gave me any solid measurements, such is the way it seems to be usually with Chinese cooking) to a boil in a pot and then add in the tapioca.  Keep stirring while the tapioca cooks, about 5 minutes, to keep it from sticking to the bottom.  Add the rest of the ingredients and keep stirring for a few minutes or until the tapioca pearls have turned translucent and then remove from heat.



This can be served warm as a soup or it can be chilled in the fridge and served cold.  Rock prefers it warm but I like it nice and cold, but really, both ways are yummmmy.


One thought on “chinese new year: coconut tapioca dessert soup

  1. Thanks! I love the dessert. You are right that the Ngoy Hoa Asian Grocery store is amazing! It is clean, has all the ingredients and most importantly, the staff are so friendly. They would explain how to cook certain dishes as well. I heard the twin brothers used to chefs. What a bonus! I would recommend Ngoy Hoa Asian store to anyone.

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