rock’s post: sunday morning crêpes for la chandeleur

Today is chandeleur.  Every year my dad calls me to remind me to eat crepes and keep one in a small jar for the whole year, it is suppose to bring me fortune for the next 12 months…  I think he just really like to eat crepes and so do I.  I keep my recipe very simple. You will need :

1 cup of flour /  1 Tsp of vanilla extract  /   1 egg  /  1 1/2 cup of milk  /  pinch of salt

Put the flour in a mixing bowl, add the milk, vanilla and the salt.  Mix the ingredient then add the egg.  Mix until to get a smooth batter.  You can adjust the quantity of milk you need to make the crepe thinner…  I like mine very thin.


Use a non sticky fry pan.  I also use Pam cooking spray.  cook the crepe over medium high heat.  Flip over when the crepe is golden on the bottom and cook until the other side is also golden.    Diana likes her crepes with melted shredded gruyere cheese but I’m more traditional.  I have mine with a ton of maple sirup!!!  Bon appetit


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