review: browns socialhouse

While there are a number of Browns Socialhouse restaurants in Vancouver, I had only ever gone a handful of times and, even then, just for drinks.  But here Browns is a big fish in a small pond and a Browns in Vancouver could only ever wish to be as busy as the one here in Moose Jaw.  We’ve actually gone a few times since it opened in November and so far, everything we’ve tried has been good.  It’s actually kind of become Rock’s go-to now.  We’ve tried the margherita pizza and the chicken quesadilla before and tonight I had the spicy crispy chicken burger and Rock had the ‘hollywood’ burger.  I didn’t really eat all day so I was starving and ate every last bite on my plate.  My burger had a nice breaded and fried chicken breast fillet with bacon, chilli mayo, jack cheese, lettuce and tomato and it was something I’d order again for sure.  I’m such a sucker for fried chicken in any shape or form.  The fries were really crispy too so overall I really enjoyed my meal.  Rock says: the yam fries were very tasty with the spicy mayo.  The Hollywood burger is an classic, nothing amazing about it but the taste is just what you expect from a good burger.  This is as close as I’m going to get to feeling like I’m eating out in Vancouver here so I’m good with it becoming Rock’s new favourite restaurant in Moose Jaw.

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