recovery smoothie

After a great party last night, it is officially hangover time.  Now I remember why I decided to stop drinking for a good year (and then I came to Moose Jaw and decided vodka and wine could be my friends again).  So it was time to get some electrolytes and other healthy stuff into our damaged bodies.  I like to make smoothies with frozen fruit and some fresh spinach all the time but we got a big bag of baby kale last week at Costco so I figured that would give us even more of a health boost.

a handful of frozen pineapple chunks  /  a handful of frozen mango chunks  /  a big handful of fresh baby kale  /  a handful of fresh spinach  /  ~2/3 can of coconut water (or you can just use plain water)


Throw everything into a blender or the horribly named yet incredibly useful magic bullet and blend until smooth.  Drink, enjoy and recover.


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