review: DK Sushi House

I had gotten a groupon for DK Sushi House a while back so we figured we better finally use it.  DK Sushi House is the sole ‘Japanese’ restaurant in Moose Jaw, so if you ever get a hankering for sushi, there are literally no other options.  Being from Vancouver, where there are about as many Japanese restaurants as there are Starbucks, I’ve had very mediocre to very good sushi.   I’d say that the sushi at DK was not great, but not bad either; just overall pretty average.  If you really have a craving for some Japanese food, why not.  The interior of the restaurant is quite unattractive but I’d be in for getting some take away every now and again.  The menu is pretty large with some creative rolls but just don’t have super high expectations; for example the difference between california roll and wasabi california roll is a dash of wasabi mayonnaise.  Rock’s favourite roll that he had tonight was the ‘red dragon’ roll which had tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, salmon and roe (which on the menu is listed as ‘fish eggs’ which kinda amuses me because that just does not sound appetizing).  The vegetable tempura was not bad but the accompanying sauce was for some reason super sweet.  Rock says that it’s pretty expensive for the quality (we had 4 rolls and an order of tempura for about $40) but if you want to have sushi, this is your only bet.

photo 2-6 photo 1-5

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