baby kale, spinach and chicken salad with honey-lime dressing

Even though having a 4 day weekend was amazing, I’m super tired coming home from getting back into the work week.  I was hoping to just go out for dinner but Rock’s not feeling well so I tossed together a super quick salad just with stuff we have in the house.  It was definitely a whole lot healthier than acting on my strong craving for french fries and Rock really liked the salad.  I don’t feel so bad about skipping out on the gym now.

For the dressing, I didn’t really measure anything and just mixed things together so I’ll just give some approximate measurements:  1 and 1/2 tbsp of honey  /  2 limes  /  2 tbsp chia seeds  (I just got a big bag of chia seeds from Costco that I’m really excited about)  /  3 tbsp white wine vinegar  /  6 tbsp olive oil  /  salt and pepper to taste

a couple handfuls of baby kale  /  a couple handfuls of baby spinach  /  a handful of ripped up romaine lettuce  /  2 chicken breasts  /  seasoning salt to taste  /  ~ 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese

photo 1-8

For the dressing, just mix all the ingredients together in a measuring cup or bowl and that’s that.  Slice up the chicken into strips, season with seasoning salt, and stir fry in a skillet or pan with a splash of olive oil of medium to medium-high heat until cooked through.  Then, just basically toss everything together and it’s time to eat.

photo 2-9


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