review: boston pizza

When I found out they were going to open a second Boston Pizza in Moose Jaw, I thought it was ridiculous.  Can’t we get an Earl’s or a Milestone’s or something?  Turns out it’s not ridiculous because this newer location on Manitoba St is about a 6 minute drive closer to our house than the original location.  And I’m all about eating within the vicinity of my home so now I feel that this second location was a brilliant idea.  I had a massive hankering for pizza on Friday, and while I never ate pizza from Boston Pizza prior to moving here, I’ve really grown to like it.  Is it due to lack of other options?  Maybe.  Either way, I’m now a fan.  I was being a serious piggie so we had an order of bandera bread to start, which was greasy and cheesy and delicious.  Then I had some pepperoni pizza with a side of cactus dip ‘cus apparently I needed even more fat in my meal while Rock ordered a New York steak.  My pizza was really yummy and Rock says that his steak was actually cooked right and was good.  I would never think that a steak from Boston Pizza would be good let alone decent, but there you have it.  My sister will make fun of me for this, but I’m totally into BPs now.

photo 1-13

photo 2-14

Boston Pizza Main & Thatcher on Urbanspoon


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