post-holiday binge: salad with strawberries and goat cheese

I have not blogged in possibly months and it’s all due to complete laziness.  But I feel like it’s time now to get back to it, especially since it looks like summer (and hence, summery food!) has finally decided to arrive in Moose Jaw.  Rock and I just got back from a great road trip around Estonia and Latvia and while jet lag is slowly killing me, I am excited that for the first time since I moved here in October, there are actually leaves on the tree outside our house!  It’s only June…

Anyway, we had such a nice trip and it was my first legit ‘grown-up’ travel experience where I traded in my backpack and hostel dorms for a wheelie suitcase and hotels.  It was a real game changer.  We also ate lots of great food and a lot of it was delicious but heavy Baltic food.  Rock said his flight suit this morning was feeling a bit snugger than usual so I decided to make a salad for dinner.  And I really wanted strawberries and goat cheese so that was gonna have to go into the mix.

Just use however much of everything as you like.

baby spinach  /  mixed greens  /  chia seeds  (‘cus I felt we could really use something healthy in our bodies after I, especially, have been stuffing myself with pork in various forms and potatoes in various greasy forms)  /  strawberries  /  goat cheese  /  olive oil  /  freshly cracked salt and pepper  /  balsamic glaze/reduction

photo 1-23

Toss about equal parts of the mixed greens and spinach together with some olive oil and salt and pepper.  Roll the goat cheese in the chia seeds and then slice into little round disks.  Slice up some strawberries and then scatter them, along with the goat cheese, over the greens.  Drizzle some balsamic glaze all over the top and then dig in!

photo 2-24


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