rock’s current obsession: mango lassi

We spent the day at the Mosaic festival in Regina yesterday and Rock’s love for mango lassi was reignited.  I am sure that this is nowhere close to how an authentic lassi is made but it worked out well; ice cold and refreshing.  And dare I say very healthy!?

a good handful of frozen mango chunks  /  roughly 1/2 cup of fat-free plain yogurt  /  about a tsp of agave syrup  /  milk (use as much to make it the consistency you want.)  I am trying out skim lactose-free milk for the first time since my body is intent on rejecting milk (although it still lets me love cheese so I won’t complain too much!) but use whatever you usually drink

photo 2-25

And then you really don’t need instructions for this.  Just toss altogether in a magic bullet or blender and whiz until smooth.  Rock says YUM.

photo 1-24


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