spinach goma-ae

I’m force-feeding Rock veggies now after I found out that the whole time I was visiting home this past week and a half, the only vegetables he ate were… tomatoes.  So basically, he ate none!  I’ve never made spinach goma-ae before but it’s something I often order at Japanese restaurants back home.  Spinach goma-ae can be pretty damn terrible and I’m pretty sure some places just glop in some peanut butter so I figured I’m better off just making it myself when there’s only one Japanese restaurant in all of Moose Jaw.  I don’t know how legit this recipe I threw together is, but it tasted just like good spinach goma-ae I’ve had in restaurants so I’d say it’s a win!

1 bunch of fresh spinach  /  ~ 1/2 cup of white sesame seeds  /  3 tbsp soy sauce  /  3 tbsp mirin style cooking seasoning (I haven’t tried looking for this in Moose Jaw but you can for sure find it in Regina)

photo 1-29

You can be all old-school and use a mortar and pestle or you can use a food blender or food processor.  Grind up the sesame seeds until quite fine and then add the soy sauce and mirin and give it a whiz (or bash it if using the mortar and pestle!) until it forms a smooth paste.  (Also, you can toast the sesame seeds in a frying pan if you want before grinding up… which is what I meant to do but straight up forgot.  I think it will work out either way so take your pick!)

photo 2-31

Bring water to a boil in a medium pot and then toss in the spinach for a two minutes.  Immediately drain the hot water and run the spinach under very cold tap water to cool it down.  Drain and squeeze out as much water from the spinach as possible and then just kinda give the spinach a rough chop on a cutting board.  Then, simply combine the spinach with the sesame dressing and that’s it!  You can sprinkle some extra sesame seeds on top if you want and then dig in.


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