matcha green tea popsicles

We got some popsicle moulds from Superstore awhile back and I decided to finally give them a whirl.  I don’t think I’ve made popsicles since I was a kid and I don’t know why cus they’re so easy!  I decided to try making some healthy popsicles using matcha green tea and I think these worked out pretty well.  I just used ingredients that I always have on hand.  This makes 4 popsicles.

1 tsp matcha  /  1/4 cup boiling hot water  /  2 tsp agave syrup  /  1 cup unsweetened almond milk


In a measuring cup (just to make life extra easy since the measurements are right there!), pour the hot water over the matcha powder and mix until dissolved.  Then stir in the agave syrup and finally the almond milk.  Pour into your moulds and pop them in the freezer until completely frozen.  And that’s it!


We love matcha!  Happy to have found another way to have it.  I used almond milk for these but maybe another time I’ll try using coconut milk to get kind of a richer creamsicle consistency. Either way, delish popsicles!


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