Rock’s post: maple pecan bundt cake

The original name for the post was “Julie’s dinner cake” but the administration of the blog did not approved it…  So we were invited to our friend Julie’s for dinner and she requested a cake.  We are doing a lot of cleaning/tidying lately and we found a bundt cake pan.  No need to say that this invitation was the perfect occasion to bake a bundt cake!  This cake is from one of our Nigella Lawson books and has a special maple pecan filling in the middle.

For the maple pecan filling:

75g plain flour / 30g soft unsalted butter / 1 tsp cinnamon / 150g chopped pecans / 125 ml maple sirup

For the cake:

300g plain flour /  1tsp of baking powder / 1tsp bicarbonate of sofa / 125g soft unsalted butter / 150g sugar / 2 eggs / 250ml sour cream / about 1 tsp icing sugar for decoration


Preheat the oven to 350F.  Use a flavour less oil, we use some PAM, to very lightly grease a 23cm bundt cake tin and leave it upside down, the excess of oil will drip away.

To make the filling, mix 75g of flour with 30 g of butter with a fork until you end up with a granola texture mixture.  Then add the cinnamon, the pecan and maple sirup to form a sticky, very tasty paste.  You can set aside.

Now for the cake portion, mix in a bowl 300g of flour, the baking powder and bicarbonate if soda.

Cream the butter and the sugar until  it is light in texture and light in colour.  Then beat in 1 tbsp of the flour mixture, then 1 egg, then another tables spoon full of the flour mixture and the last egg.  Add the remaining of the flour and, finally, the sour cream.  The result is a very thick cake batter.

Now it is time to put the cake together.  Spoon a little bit more than half the batter into the bundt tin.  Spread the mixture up the sides and around the funnel.  We are forming a holding cavity for the filling.  You don’t want any filling to touch the sides of the tin.


With gentle care, set the filling in the rim then cover it with the remaining batter.  Smooth the top and set the cake into the oven for 40 minutes.  We started checking the cake after 35 min with an uncooked spaghetti noodle.  If the spaghetti comes out clean, the cake is ready.

Once cook, let the cake cool for 15 minutes in the tin.  Then loosen the edges with a knife, don’t forget the funnel part!  Now the tricky part, you need to turn the cake out onto the rack.

When the cake is totally cold, dust with the icing sugar with a sifter.



The cake can be made for couple day in advance and it will be just as good!  Just wrap it in plastic wrap and dust with the icing sugar just before eating.



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