rock’s post: sunday’s pancakes

The morning when your better half asks you american pancake instead of your ancestral french crepe…

about 3-4 servings

2 cups of all purpose flour  /  2 tsp baking powder  /  1/4 tsp of salt  /  1 tbsp sugar (optional)  /  2 eggs  /  1.5 to 2 cups of milk  /  2 tbsp melted butter


Topping:  butter /  very nice quantity of Canadian Maple sirup

Mix all the dry ingredients together; if you want it a little sweet, add the optional sugar.  Beat the eggs into 1.5 cup of milk, stir the 2 tbsp melted butter.  Gently stir this mixture into the dry ingredients; mixing only enough to moisten flour.  Don’t worry about few lumps.  The batter should be thick but if you think it too thick add a little more milk.


Warm up a skillet to medium heat.  When the skillet gets hotter, I personally reduce the heat.  Melt some butter in the skillet to make sure the pancakes won’t stick.  I use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to measure out the same amount of batter for each pancake.


This is the tip you will make the pancakes perfect:  when the pancakes bubble, it is time to flip them.  You will get the nice golden colour you are looking for.

Serve with a little of butter and a ton a maple sirup !!




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