my first texas-style chili (instant pot recipe)

Pretty sure the only chili I’ve ever had was from the fast food chain Wendy’s and even then was used merely to dip my french fries in.  I sort of hate beans so chili has never appealed to me but apparently Texas style chili is bean-less so, perfect!  I’ve been wanting to use my Instant Pot more so I decided to try and make chili for the first time in it. This is very loosely based on a recipe I found online from a cookbook called Down South Paleo.  I don’t know how legit this recipe is and I’m obviously no chili expert but I think this turned out really tasty!  (Like, does chili ever have bacon in it?  ‘Cus it does now!)  It was even better as leftovers the next day. Oh and of course you don’t need an Instant Pot to make this but it just speeds up the whole process. You could alternatively just let it simmer away on the stove for a few hours.

500 grams lean ground beef  /  4 slices of bacon  /  1 green pepper  /  1 medium yellow onion /  2-3 carrots  /  2 ribs of celery  /  3 cloves of garlic  /  1 tin (28 oz) diced tomatoes  /  1 tbsp worcestershire sauce /  1 tsp hot chili powder  /  1 tsp paprika  /  1 tsp salt  /  1/2 tsp ground black pepper  /  1/2 tsp cumin


First, for your prep.  Mince the garlic and dice up your carrots, celery, green pepper, and onion.  Next, chop up the bacon.  Using the Instant Pot, set it to ‘sauté’ and toss in the bacon and ground beef, cooking until the beef is completely browned.  Then add in all the other ingredients and simply stir together.


Lock on the lid with the steam valve closed and press the ‘cancel’ button to stop the sautéing function and then press the ‘meat/stew’ button.  I think it automatically set itself for 35 minutes and then just let it pressure cook away!  Release the pressure and you are all done.  Sorry the photo isn’t particularly amazing, I was really hungry and wanted to eat!


At first I was concerned that the chili had quite a bit of liquid in it (though I don’t even know what consistency chili is supposed to have really).  But apparently if you want a thickened chili you could add in a roux or whatever.  Last night we had it with baked potatoes and today for lunch I had it with crunched up saltine crackers and some shredded aged cheddar over top.  Really good!


2 thoughts on “my first texas-style chili (instant pot recipe)

  1. Chili is really tasty with cornbread too. Any dryness in the cornbread is soaked up by that liquid in the chili. Jalapeno cheddar cornbread would go great with this 🙂

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