galettes bretonnes (buckwheat crepes)

For Le Chandeleur (February 2), Rock always insists on us eating crepes.  Some sort of superstition about having a prosperous year…? I don’t mind; any reason to eat crepes! This year we tried making these savoury buckwheat crepes from Brittany.  I had never tried buckwheat before but turns out it’s highly nutritious and not actually related to wheat but rather to rhubarb.  You can fill these with anything but apparently ham, Gruyere and an egg is a classic, so that’s what we went with.  This recipe is from Lonely Planet’s France: From the Source cookbook and comes from one of the oldest creperies in the Brittany town of Quimper.

Makes 5 crepes.

250 grams buckwheat flour / 1/2 tsp sea salt / 1 egg / 500 ml water / melted butter for frying / fillings of your choice


Mix together the buckwheat flour, salt, egg and half of the water for about 4 or 5 minutes by hand.  The recipe calls to refrigerate overnight but I just did it for a few hours.


Mix in the other half of the water.


Heat up a large frying pan over medium to medium high heat and melt some butter in the pan.  Ladle some of the galette batter into the pan and turn the pan to spread the batter into a circle.  While the galette is cooking, place your fillings in the middle.  I cracked an egg in the middle and using a spatula just kind of spread the egg white around a bit and then added cheese and ham.  Season with a bit of salt and pepper too if you’d like.


When the galette is a bit crisp on the bottom and the egg whites have cooked through (I covered the pan with a lid just to make sure the yolk was heated a bit too), use a spatula and fold down the four sides to form a square.

Galettes Bretonnes

We started cooking with our toddler recently as a fun rainy days project so if you want to see the little video I put together of him cooking these galettes, check it out here!


3 thoughts on “galettes bretonnes (buckwheat crepes)

  1. Incroyable ;vous avez fait un super petit vidéo.
    Aymeric et Yummi sont vraiment adorable .
    J’essaie les crêpes bretonnes cette semaine et je redonne des nouvelles ;puis quand j,ai commencé à voir que vous préparez un beau petit dessert aux cerises ,je me suis dit celui là je ne ferai pas mais il a l’air tellement bon et simple a faire que je vais l’essayer .
    Merci,merci c’est vraiment formidable ce petit video….
    C’est toi et Diana qui les faites ..vous êtes des amours

  2. Your kids are adorable! I’m amazed at how well your son is cooking already and his language skills are top notch! I think it means a lot that you let him play a bit in the kitchen. There were a few times when I was afraid he was going to spill everything. I certainly would’ve stepped in and I admire that you let him do things on his own.

    • Thank you so much! It can be a bit tough letting a toddler into the kitchen for sure but I’m hoping that it’ll encourage him to enjoy cooking… and eating different foods as well!

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